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Planning Process

Our planning process focuses on meeting your needs at every stage of life. We break these stages down into four phases, as demonstrated below.

Asset Accumulation

When you are earning and accumulating assets, you are likely focused on long-term growth and may benefit from our basic financial advice regarding budgeting, saving, and education funding. We offer access to many different products to help build your investment portfolio.

Wealth Protection

Wealth protection goes hand-in-hand with the asset accumulation phase. We can help evaluate the proper insurance coverage that will protect you and your family from financial hardship due to premature death, disability, or long term care needs. We can also refer you to an estate attorney who may draft important legal documents, such as Powers of Attorney, Wills, or Trusts. With an eye on tax efficiency, we explore different types of investments vehicles and charitable giving strategies. Often times, we work with other trusted professional advisors (e.g. tax preparers and attorneys) to help ensure that your objectives are addressed.

Retirement Distribution

Long before you make retirement official, we assess and discuss income flow from all available sources: Social Security, pension, retirement plans, etc. We will analyze your unique situation so we are able to show you your optimal Social Security claiming strategy. For your broader financial road map, we use advanced software to formulate a game plan so you can see the likelihood – firsthand – of achieving your goals! We know that dreams change over time, so we are committed to ongoing monitoring and refinement of that plan.

Estate Transfer

“Estate” is a difficult concept for many to grasp. Essentially, it represents financial assets that remain after a person’s death. No estate is too small for planning. Proper asset titling and legal documents are vital in passing assets down to the next generation in accordance with your wishes. We work closely with other professionals to coordinate and implement your overall planning objectives.