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Who is Premier Wealth Management Group?

We are a team of experienced financial advisors who are eager to help our clients through every step of their financial journey. Learn More about Our Team

Why do I need a financial advisor?

Taking care of your financial needs can be complex and time consuming. Our professionals can help you to better manage financial goals. With our intimate knowledge of comprehensive financial planning, we can provide guidance to you. Learn More about Who We Serve

How does Premier Wealth decide what to hold in my portfolio?

We meet with prospective clients to find out his/her attitude towards risk, clarify goals, and identity cash needs. Then, we carefully craft a plan tailored to a client’s specific preferences. Learn More about Our Approach

How frequently will I meet with my advisor?

Initially we find it helpful to meet with the new client in person at least twice annually. Thereafter, we talk with the client about his/her desired meeting frequency.

Do you have a specialty?

We work with clients through every step of their financial journey but we specialize in retirement planning. The majority of our clients are either retired or about to retire. CEO / President Steve Hollis particularly enjoys working with widow(er)s.

Interested in working with Premier Wealth?

Call (636) 946-0555 x. 20 to schedule a complimentary consultation with an advisor. We will talk about your present situation and goals to see if we are the right fit for your needs. Contact Us