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COVID-19 Update to our clients

Clients and Friends,


We hope this finds you well, both physically well and emotionally well. 


We say the latter because volatile markets aside, the words pandemic, shut-down, sell-off, lock-down, recession, uncertainty and volatility to name a few, can cause some anxiety.  In fact, being isolated or social distancing can take away some of that much needed people interaction that comforts and calms us.  Uncertainty-based anxiety can cause us to make decisions, including portfolio management decisions, that are not best for the long-term.  Some level of anxiety or nervousness happens for all of us, we’re human and that’s how we are sometimes.


We are here for you and things will get better.  We have made some portfolio maneuvers that both reduce downside exposure and will put us in a position to help you recover in the shortest timeframe we can.  For those of you who were with us in 2008, you know that we were a bit more cautious than most investment professionals months before and throughout that crisis.  In addition, because of our cautious nature throughout that uncertain time, we recovered in a more comfortable fashion.  This time is no different.  We made cautious changes in November that some thought was too early.  A couple of weeks ago, we took a good portion of international holdings (the most volatile sector) and went to cash/money market.  That was defensive and protective.  This will also enable us to rebalance and help you take advantage of the upside when the time is appropriate for that action to occur.


Some major financial companies are calling for a very strong recovery at the end of the year.  If their estimates are accurate, major indexes could put the S&P higher than when this whole thing started.  This would not be an unusual occurrence; strong recovery, that is.  This story is developing day by day and there is no guarantee of future results, however, we are monitoring the development very closely.

We remain committed to serving your needs and helping you navigate these volatile markets while we continue to emphasize a focus on the long-term, and your personal financial plan.  We recognize you may have questions or concerns about the current environment. We are here to support you.


Here are some things you can do to manage stress and anxiety:


  • Remain calm and call me or one of my colleagues at the office.  Ask for our input before you make a portfolio decision.  You may end up doing what you wanted to do when you talk to us, however, if you hear what we have to say and how we are helping you, you may have a different perspective.  Maybe there’s middle ground in taking some action beyond what we’ve done already.  We want you to be comfortable while you are also being smart with your money.  We care about both.


  • Watch less news or social media that cause anxiety.  The reality of 24 hour news service is that they must talk all day and when there is a hot topic, they sink their teeth into it, and say things that will stir us emotionally so that we must continue watching in search of an answer.  During uncertain times they will “awfulize” the situation.  That is an emotional spiral.  Call us.  We will share facts with you and we will share what has worked in the multitude of other uncertain situations when “this time is different”.  Let us help you be informed with facts. We are here for you.


  • Reading books, exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, and playing board games or card games with a friend or family are things that can take your mind off of the news for a while and help you relax.


  • Watch a comedy or watch a family-friendly, light hearted TV show or movie.


  • Paint, draw or listen to your favorite music.


  • Call an old friend, neighbor or a family member and have a good chat about how they are doing and how their family is doing.


  • Help others.  It seems when we help others and “do good” we feel better about ourselves.  People need help getting groceries, cooking, getting around town.  Donate some old clothes or furniture that you have been storing for years.  Be health wise, respecting social distancing while you are helping.


  • Order take out to support a local restaurant or business you really like or buy a gift certificate to use later.


Market related actions you can take while markets are on sale if you are still in the accumulation or gifting stage * :


  • Buy if you don’t need the money for 3+ years – don’t worry about if you hit the perfect bottom, you are buying low 
  • Fund those 529 plans for your kids or grandkids now
  • Accelerate your 401k/403b contributions so your contributions go in the next few months
  • Fund the variable life policy early
  • Increase your equity exposure within your risk tolerance
  • Fund and invest your SEP IRA, Traditional IRA or Roth IRA now

We take our job of managing your money and your financial future very seriously and we share your concerns about uncertainty.  We are confident in the steps we have taken and the steps we will take to keep you on track for your current and future objectives.

The best way to connect with us is to call us or email us.  We will always take your phone call or email and our objective is to always get back to you during the same part of the day you contacted us:


  • You call or email in the morning, we will get back to you by Noon. 
  • You contact us mid-day, we will get back to you by the end of the day. 
  • You contact us after hours, you may get a response before you expect it, but certainly in the morning next day.


We are honored by the trust you place in us. We are not only thinking about your financial future but your personal well-being. Now and always, we remain committed to serving your needs.

*Plans may vary based on each investor's suitability considerations.

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